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Save Up To $7.00 With Coupons For Duracell NiMH Rechargeable Batteries And Charger

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Coupon For Duracell Rechargable BatteriesSave $2.00 when you buy any Duracell NiMH Rechargeable batteries, and save $5.00 when you buy any when you buy any Duracell NiMH charger. Perfect for use in everything, from toys to cameras to game controllers to small flashlights and everything in between.

Get hundreds of uses out of each Rechargeable battery. These powerful NiMH batteries are ideally suited for high-drain or frequently used devices.Rechargeable batteries are available in AA and AAA sizes.

You can get hundreds of uses out of each Duracell Rechargeable battery. And with compact, portable chargers, you have the freedom to charge your rechargeable batteries at home or on the go. With four different chargers to choose from, you can charge your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries anytime, anywhere.

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Registration is easy, be sure to enter your correct address as these are not printable coupons, they will be mailed to you. There is a limit of one coupon request per postal mailing address per offer period.

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